Hong Kong Visas: What Are The Main Types Of Visas For Entering Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the top most visited jurisdictions for business, shopping or even hospitality. From top hotels to conference facilities, Hong Kong stands out in the world. No matter the reason why you want to enter Hong Kong, you need the right visa. Here are the main types of visas you can use to enter Hong Kong. 

Enter Hong Kong without a visa 

Hong Kong allows visitors from some countries to enter and stay for 7 to 180 days without a visa. Visitors from Germany, Spain, the US, Italy, Australia, the UK, Italy, and Singapore among others can enter and stay in Hong Kong without a visa. However, you must have a valid passport when traveling.

Work Visa 

The work visa is issued to people who are coming to Hong Kong to work. The employing company is required to apply to the immigrations department and demonstrate that the services being sought outside are not available in Hong Kong.

Note that this visa limits you to the company that brought you to Hong Kong. If you decide to change the company/ employer, a notification to the Immigrations department must be made to implement changes.

Investment visa 

A work visa is issued by the immigrations department in Hong Kong to people who want to enter and do business.

The applicant must demonstrate he has the right academic qualification, can mobilize the required resources, and present a good business structure and plan. This visa considered the investor as an employee of the business he will be running in Hong Kong.

Dependant visa 

If a person is issued with an investment visa or another type of visa to enter and stay in Hong Kong, he is allowed to bring dependant children below 18 years and a spouse. Such dependants are issued with dependant visas. The dependant visas are valid as far as the sponsor visa remains valid.