The Secret of Motivating Staff for Higher Productivity

There are thousands of websites and books dedicated to motivating employees. The topic is very close to leader’s hearts because of its potential to help startups race to greatness or established businesses sustain high growth. While one strategy might have worked for your situation, a different one might be ideal for another business. The most crucial component about all this is establishing why leaders do it. 

Leaders fear that disengaged staff poses a huge risk that can rock the boat in the middle of the ocean.

If you have disengaged employees, there is an easier, more productive and efficient way of addressing the issue. Here are proven tactics that you should apply in the organization.

Follow the problem to get the root causes 

The surest strategy of getting more from business employees is assisting them to discover personal talents. The lazy team member in one of the departments might be yearning to move to another department where she can put all the talents to work.

The moment you appreciate what lights people up, you can move to the next step of using the findings to your advantage. Though the company might lack opportunities to allow all staff to work in the areas they choose, you can still show support. Make them feel valued for their input. Your positive actions help to turn low performers into the great staff will guarantee better results.

Apply the power of little things to drive motivation 

As you work on motivating those with low productivity, it is very easy to ignore the top performers. It is, therefore, prudent to keep checking them to avoid demotivation. Here, you need to celebrate every small win and ensure to give a ‘thank you.’

While the great celebrations are no doubt welcome, it is important to understand how to make every staff feel appreciated in a small way. The culture of appreciating success must be adopted at all levels. Remember to map the strategy well so that everybody can associate with the positive results and use them to map bigger objectives.

Map your staff’s career growth 

The moment you hire staff in an organization, they consider it as a ladder to moving to the next level. You must be this important stepping stone that will help them see the organization as part of their pillars that anchored their success. Therefore, staff development must be part and parcel of your operations.

Carry regular appraisals and train the staff accordingly. Here, you do not have to keep worrying so much that the company might lose staff it has invested so much, rather, you must keep building their capacity to deliver more. The staff will feel motivated to give back through hard work, commitment, and extra loyalty.

Make sure that the team is happy 

One thing every entrepreneur and manager must appreciate is that not all staff are motivated by cash. If you are a media company, your staff might be motivated by positive clients’ feedbacks as opposed to monetary gains.

To motivate staff, you need to make them as happy as possible. To make your staff happy, consider the following;

  1. Good remuneration
  2. Start extended programs that support their families (example is health care for entire family)
  3. Set flexible working schedules that allow staff to work on projects at different times.